Different opinions are normal

Have you ever tried to agree on the colour of a paint for your house with a decorator or a partner? 

You may have found that it is difficult to reach agreement. This is because we all have our own ideas about what is right and these are our unconscious biases. In a work context, one person may like an applicant who is strong and thrusting but another may prefer the candidate who would have greater concern for the team and the staff within it. So, unconscious bias can impact on leadership decisions and also on notions of good and bad design. 

One day workshop                                                                                                                                                     We  run a one-day workshop that will open your eyes to the way that unconscious bias can creep into important decisions about leadership, design and marketing and many other areas of organisational life.  We can also report on the effects that unconscious bias may be having on your business. For example, the kind of leadership paradigms being used (unconsciously) may be blocking women from advancing in the organisation. Again, we can tell you if the designs you are producing are rooted in male or female preferences and whether these are likely to appeal to male or female customer groups.

Clients                                                                                                                                                                       Former clients have include Marks and Spencer, Canon Cameras, Bounty, Ford, Allen and Overy, Directski and Telefonica and if you would like a conversation about how the new science regarding unconscious bias can help you unlock the talent in your organisation, then just get in touch by phone or e-mail.   Advice is available on overcoming the glass ceiling for key groups of employees as well as on how to ensure that your organisations' designs have maximum appeal for customers.  Using the new science of perception, advice is available on your organisation's websites, product / graphic design and retail environments.

 Articles                                                                                                                                                                        To read some of the articles Gloria Moss has written in the press on these subjects, click on the following links:

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Article in 'Management Today' (9 Jan 2014) on the fact that only tiny numbers of women are making it through organisations onto the board, and that one of roots of the problem is the way competences are defined:  Management Today website. 

Article in 'Management Today' (Jan 21 2014) on the fact that the personal and the public are linked and management in organisations needs to take account of this:  Management Today website. 

Article in 'HR Magazine' (Jan 24 2014) suggesting that women can be helped to advance in organisations without needing to stop having children, a suggestion of UKIP's Nigel Farage  HR Magazine website.   

Article in 'University Business' (Dec 2013) on the fact that University websites are designed with male not female preferences in mind: University Business website.

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