Importance of design and marketing

The quality of designs in your business - its website, products, graphics, retail space - are a critical part of the Marketing Mix and can easily win you more customers. 

Take the guess work out of design.


Attend a short workshop to understand how you can use design to connect with your customers.   This can be held in your organisation or in High Wycombe at Bucks New University ( a short train ride from Marylebone station, London).  


We can conduct an audit of your website, brochures and products (where relevant) and tell you how well matched these are to your target market.  Are the visual elements you use to attract your customers optimal for your particular target market - we will provide simple answers.


Learn about the new science of perception

An exciting  new science of perception, discovered by Dr Gloria Moss,  reveals everything you need to know about  what men and women like in the way of design.  Gloria Moss can conduct an audit of the designs in your business (either verbally or in writing) and give you feeback on how well yoru organisation's designs - its website, product, graphics, retail space - communicates with your particular target market.    From that, she can make recommendations:

- as to whether it is optimal 

-  if any of these elements could be improved, how best to do this

Former clients

Former clients have included Marks and Spencer, Ford, Canon Cameras, Bounty, Directski and O2 and if you would like a conversation about how the new science of perception can take the guess work out of modelling your organisations' designs on the preferences of the end-user, just get in touch by phone or e-mail.   Advice is available on websites;  product / graphic design and retail environments.

Read a recent article about the work of Professor Gloria Moss in the Huffington Post:

To show you how different a male and a female produced design can be, take a look at these websites.

Now, consider in store design. Which of these two interiors are likely to appeal more to men or women?

The first photo shows the inside of a Vodafone store and the second that of an O2 store. You might note the strong use of colour in the first one and what else do you notice?